The sarcastic artist who yells at you to read cause this idiot didn't that one time

Current Project


A collection featuring Buffy the doggo

Buffy is just a simple doggo trying to make her way in the world of Layer 2.

Adventures are abound as Buffy finds her way through the Layer 2 universe!

Welcome to the most doofiest doggo on Layer 2!!!

BuffyDaBoof Undead

A Special Mint to help fund raise for two amazing projects I adore, PuzzleGang and MOON222! 100% goes to them, split evenly. Funds for PuzzleGang gets added to the pool for continued quarterly puzzle drops with prizes! Funds for MOON222 go to parties and giveaways!

Fill out the form to order!!!

Compromised, has now been shut down and abandoned.

Previous buyers compensated.

Second large drop with geometric based background textures, added collar textures and body textures.

An abstract series based on the prior series thus far. The most complex series yet.

Made up of Series Point Five, One, and Two.

A GIF series based on the previous 5 series thus far. Series One GIFs will be available first. GIFs will be a rare collectors item to add to your Buffy series.

Round 1: SOLD OUT!


A Giant Thank You!


sk33z3r.eth & Monty

for helping me through the process of mass art and meta data generation!

Check out sk33z3r's site and follow Monty on Twitter



Other Projects

I also make small projects to help raise funds for the Puzzle Gang prize pool. All funds raised here get redirected to Puzzle Gangs pool/wallet.


BuffyDaBoof: NOTES

All sales go to my daughter. She is slowly learning more and more about crypto! Great way to motivate the younger generation to keep learning! Click above for the form!

Loopring themed fun based on one of my favorite comcis as a child, Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. Click above for the form!

Free to all as a way to give back to my LRC and Puzzle Gang family who saved me

Loopring themed fun based on another of my favorite comics as a child, Farside by Gary Larson. Click above for the form!

Free to all as a way to give back to my LRC and Puzzle Gang family who saved me


Celebrate your dedication to LRC Smart Wallet daily check ins!

Currently Available STREAK'Rs:

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  • 420

No form for this one. Screenshot your success and tag me in the Red Packet Channel OR Puzzle-Gang channel of the official LRC Discord (TheSpottedBuffy#9521)!

Cause why not? The original piece that created JEFFHead Control!

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Contact (in order of preference)

Discord: TheSpottedBuffy(#9521)

Twitter: @thespottedbuffy

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